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The new Old Colorado City: New businesses bring different vibe

Rachel Hess, left, and Christina Rizzo, both 16, shopped at the Barracuda Bazaar in Old Colorado City on Sept. 30. The store, which has been in neighborhood for 15 years, recently moved down the street to a new location on Colorado Avenue.

October 08, 2010 4:23 PM
The Gazette
For decades, Old Colorado City has had T-shirt shops. It’s had good ethnic restaurants. It’s had tchotchkes. And now it has something else: buzz.

We’re not talking about the buzz from marijuana dispensaries. We’re talking about buzz, as in “Have you been to the sexy new jazz club?”; “Have you seen that cool new coffee shop?”; or “Did you see there’s an Ethiopian restaurant?”

The bubbly gossip speaks to a new level of hip in a place that once considered antler chandeliers the height of cool.

Of course, cool isn’t something easily measured, but consider this: Neither the jazz club Motif nor the alt-music venue The Loft even have signs outside their businesses. If you’re in the know, you already know about them, and if you’re not … well, keep driving.

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